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Five deejays have given it their all and fought to be a recurring deejay at Striktly Social.

Who’s going to be it?


The requirements weren’t quite easy. First there was a screening. Those who passed it received the task to perform with some more requirements:

  • 50/50 salsa and bachata ratio by playing 3 salsa and 3 bachata track, one after each other;
  • variation within styles and dare to be innovative;
  • let the audience enjoy the act, from beginning till the end.

We’ve tracked all the respones of the audience during five Tuesdays. We’ve looked at the indirect responses as well. We even saved all the responses we’ve received and read them all… You’d think that this would make it a lot easier… (Read our previous post for the points of interest)

The participants

Dj Roggy stood out because of his unique, lovely and danceable salsa tracks. Dj Virgil El Gigante’s strength was the variation of multiple sub styles. Dj Kelly received compliments because of her great ratio between good danceable salsa and bachata. Dj El Pequeno loco kept up with a good pace during his set. At last but definitely not least: dj Jimmy, that has kept the dancefloor full of people from beginning till the end, last Tuesday.

We noticed that all the deejays have given a musically enrichment to the dancers and we, as an organisation, can confirm that all the deejays have performed perfectly according to our requirements.

Okay, we’ll cut it here. So, who’s the winner?

The most positive respones are for…

Dj Virgil El Gigante!

Closely followed by Dj Kelly.

We welcome all the other deejays that have participated. But for now, we invite Dj Virgil El Gigante and he’ll perform on the upcoming social: Tuesday, the 5th of december! As a nice ‘Sinterklaas’-gift! 😉


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