What is the Blue Carpet Gala?

It may be for you!
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Have you heard about the “Blue Carpet Gala”? Isn’t that a mysterious night for students of Bachata Passion, with a lot of things going on?

But what is it? And is it only for students?

Because I’m curious as always, I’ve taken a look at it for you guys. First, it is something for you, so keep reading on and decide if it is something for you.

After an extensive conversation with Steffie, the organiser, I’ve got the feeling of a carefree night going out. Wether it is because it sounded like music to my ears, because I need a vacation, or because of her answers: “We’ll take care of that”, “We’ll guide you through the night”, “You don’t have to worry about anything”, “Everything is included, you don’t even have to take your wallet with you”…

A huge difference with current parties is a carefree and chic night out. “As if you’re being pampered and treated as a guest on a nice wedding”, is what some of our visitors said last year. So All Inclusive in Dutch means: unlimited snacks, drinks, use of facilities and at last but not least, you will be entertained. It is possible to enjoy special acts next to dancing.

The program starts directly from the beginning of the night, at 22:00 hours. Not everything will be told in this post, so there will be some surprises at the event. We know that the couple Luis & Andrea are on the dancefloor. “This is what caught the attention of international visitors”, Steffie continued, “Tickets have been sold to Bachata lovers from Germany, England and Belgium”.

So it isn’t only for students, that’s for sure. But for who is it then? “The most important thing is that you love Bachata, an exclusive chic setting and the lovely December feeling”.

Do you want to go? You’ve reacher the end of this article, so that’s why we give you a special discount code. Enter “Striktly” and get a €5,- discount on your ticket.

This article is written in response to an interview. If you have any questions, we’d like to refer you to the organisation of  Blue Carpet Gala or the event on Facebook.
Blue Carpet Gala

Blue Carpet Gala – snacks


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