We want sexy and danceable clothing!

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So we challenge clothing designers to make clothing that is suitable for the dance floor. The “die-hard, sweat you rotten, dance all night long, sleep all day” dance floor. The winning outfit is rewarded with a check of no less than 1,000 and more..

The registrations for designers are now closed. Six selected designers present the danceable but oh so cool clothing they are currently working hard on on a Dancewalk. This happens to an audience of hundreds of dancers during Latin Weekender, in Center Parcs.

Why danceable clothing?

In our opinion, this clothing does not yet exist. Of course we scan every boutique and after hours we pass a suitable outfit. So really nice nightwear where you guarantee smooth dancing and everything stays in place is quite hard to find.

So there you are in your great outfit but without freedom of movement. And that beautiful fabric is actually too thick, so that you check for sweat stains every 15 minutes. If only you had put on your leggings and light shirt …

And why a competition?

Well, where do you start? We know what we want. And we can organize. But we cannot design. So with a competition we hope to get the best out of the right people.

In the end, the audience, Cammy Kempke (Striktly), together with professional dancers Annika Lau (Kizomba Lounge), Glenn Donkers (The Latin Dance Studio) and professional designer Irving Vorster (IRVINX) choose the most beautiful and danceable design.

The winner goes home with 1,000, – and we pre-order the design with the name of the desinger on it. That is really the first “Striktly Danceable Fashion – designer” after which hopefully many will follow.

What’s in it for me?

Hopefully cool outfits for you. In addition to the winning design, we are busy collecting various items of clothing and accessories that meet the Striktly for dancers standard. These products and more will be available from 24 November during Latin Weekender itself. And in the (to be launched) webshop.

Who is Striktly?

Striktly stands for movement and connection with a clear character: for dancers.

For example, we organize weekly dance evenings where you can make miles and exchange tips and tricks about everything that revolves around salsa & bachata.

We want to make this form of movement and connection more accessible to many people and more professional for existing dancers.

More info

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