Vacancy: Salsa & bachata DJ

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Do you want to be part of Striktly as a DJ, from playing at cozy socials to summer outdoor editions?

We have an opening in the DJ team!

Click here to apply!

dj arvan sens in de maassilo

Striktly is more than just an event, it started as a safe and accessible place where like-minded people meet, exchange dance tips, and of course dance. Until today, the input of dancers is essential. Their opinion on the eventual new DJ is therefore taken into account by the means of a DJ contest.

If you feel attracted to the profile below and you meet the requirements, you can participate in the DJ contest on Tuesday evenings in March and April 2023. By playing during this contest, the current DJs, the organization and the visitors can decide who will strengthen our team.

Why a vacancy?

Why this way, with a vacancy and DJ contest? 

Because as a DJ in the Striktly team, you are part of the concept itself for a long time to come. You may specialize in one thing or another, but for Striktly you adapt to the concept of three salsa and three bachata, with a modern twist.

As a DJ in our team, you consciously choose to help build our brand. Because you are open to feedback from the public and colleagues. Meetings take place and you help each other to monitor the atmosphere. Together we stay sharp on what is going on and we move along so that visitors remain inspired.

dj draaitafels

Who we are looking for

We are looking for an experienced DJ man/x/woman with a quality music collection. You can feel what the dancers want and your music collection is richly filled with Bachata Dominican, -modern, -sensual, and various Salsa sub-styles. 

In addition, you like variety, you can adapt well to other DJ booths, and you are solution-oriented and up-to-date in the Latin music world & salsa scene. It goes without saying that you keep to your agreements.

In addition, we are looking for an atmosphere maker with a positive mindset. You clearly get energy from spinning and you transfer this good vibe to the dance floor. You have demonstrable (work) experience in the field as described in this text. You are available one to two evenings a month to play on Tuesday or Wednesday between 7:00 PM and 1:00 AM.


You can invoice, you have officially bought your music and you live in the Rotterdam / The Hague area.

How to apply

Click here to apply!


Dj virgil el gigante bij Striktly



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