Solo debut

DJ Arvan Sens

DJ Arvan Sens is the stage name of Arjan Jansen. Although Arjan has years of experience with audio/music and a passion for Latin, he recently started mixing soundtracks. Do you want to know why Arjan started mixing?

On the 26th of April, 2016, he made his solo debut as a Salsa and Bachata deejay for Striktly, during Kingsnight in Rotterdam at Striktly Evolution Kingsnight.

Why does Striktly choose for a complete new and unknown deejay? Colleagues made fun out of it, because it is a risk. A risk that is worth it because we both believe in the same thing. That is something with more value than experience or supporters/entourage.

New style

So what is/about it? Striktly is a young party with an existence from September, 2015, and only plays the newest music: Bachata sensual. This went almost completely unconscious and now it is done by conscious. The needs from the dancers to his new Bachata-style increase and that’s where both Striktly and DJ Arvan Sens meet/come together.

why started DJing

DJ Arvan Sens made the choice to start mixing when he noticed that the Bachata sensual music were missing on the dance floor of multiple parties. He is a passionate dancer and fell in love with this style. Despite this style is new to some people, the popularity is increasing. DJ Arvan Sens has the passion, the drive, understanding and the right resources to convey/publicize this style by bringing it to the dance floor.

As an audio and video technician, Arvan Sens gets energised by creative projects which have to do with both visual and sound aspects. That’s why he doesn’t exclude a future as a producer.

His passion for Salsa contributes to his mixing skills, though there are many great Salsa deejays in the scene. If it wasn’t for his passion, he wouldn’t have started mixing. His passion for Bachata sensual and having fun with Salsa is what makes the difference for him.


Perhaps DJ Arvan Sens will leave the deejay booth and go for a dance by himself!


— update September, 2017 —

DJ Arvan Sens is now the regular deejay at Striktly Summer en he’s being booked for other parties! He also has released his own soundtrack with music video, you can watch below!