Dancing salsa & bachata outside in Scheveningen

Striktly Summer on the boulevard!
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We’re going to Scheveningen! Can you picture it already? Dancing outside with the setting sun, sinking into the water of the sea.

striktly salsa en bachata

Thrilling permit process

Crazy Pianos invited us to come and dance on the Boulevard, after some good conversations they agreed to the associated costs and are an important sponsor of this event.

But then we weren’t there yet. An exciting three-month permit process followed. This location is already busy without an event in good weather, how do we keep space free for the ambulance, for example, and how do we prevent nuisance and congestion? The confidence has now also been given by the municipality of The Hague:

We’re going to dance outside in Scheveningen five times!

It’s a go, under conditions

Because it is a new event at a busy location, the other four editions are subject to a few conditions. The impact on the environment in terms of throughput and nuisance is closely monitored, you can contribute to this by:

  1. Don’t leave loose items on the floor: take coats and bags to the secure cloakroom in Crazy Pianos.
  2. Stay in front of the crush barriers. Passers-by must be able to walk behind the crush barrier and/or an ambulance must be able to drive.

Wednesday 3 May 2023

Wednesday 3 May, the first of the five editions will start. With a workshop at 7 p.m., then free dancing until 11 p.m. and because it’s hard to stop: an after party in Crazy Pianos right after!

Check out the Facebook event for the latest details.

crazy pianos


This event is sponsord by Crazy Pianos.







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