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Striktly celebrates 2 year anniversary!
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Striktly celebrates 2 year anniversary at Maassilo

Strikly Salsa & Bachata exists for 2 years on the 29th of September. Striktly will take this opportunity to organise an innovative party by using all the gathered information and experience from the past years.

Accessible to 1.000-1.500 Salsa and Bachata dancers and people who enjoy this vibe.

This event is distinguished by 50% Salsa and 50% Bachata in one great hall. This ratio/proportion has proven to be successful. This will be (further) developed on the 29th of September by 4 well-known deejays, who each will perform in their own style and energy in a continuous variety of shifts.

In the meantime there will be a variation of entertainment on a high podium. Not the usual way, with an act at midnight, but a continuous act without (the dancers) being interrupted. The spotlights will indicate when there is something special happening and this will also be shown on a big screen. This way everybody has a great view on the different acts and you can dance or watch everything that’s going on.

But there’s more…

Multiple workshops will take place during the event. Mostly focused on beginners who want to try to dance, want to warm up and/or want to improve their skills.

The location is an old grain silo, which is converted to an event location. This combincation creates a unique vibe, which is enhanced by special lightings and arranged historical machines in the basement. The even concrete floor is tested in advance by dancers. They’ve approved the floor, which is great for spinning and smooth moves. Several stages ensure a dynamic and sufficient dance space. The professional sound and lighting technology will complete it all.

It’s possible to rest or enjoy the vibe with a drink on altitude/elevation with a great view at the dance floor.

Visit the Facebook page for the latest news or buy your tickets here!

Striktly 29 september 2 jaar


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