From a backpack to a hip bag!

A handy way to leave your valuables behind
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Do you sometimes go to a salsa evening or a party and you don’t know where to put your valuables? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with this problem. As an intern I was able to help several people, I would also like to tell you more about it.

A recognizable problem

It all started on a beautiful summer Tuesday evening at Stadhuisplein, during one of the summer editions.

I enjoyed the dancers’ pleasure. But that wasn’t always the case, here and there I saw some searching faces and uncomfortable dances. They struggled with the fact that they could not free their hands while dancing.

Not only that! Where do you leave your wallet, telephone and house keys when you go dancing? Do you prefer to keep them close to you or do you go to the cloakroom? Those are things that come to mind. Two visitors were wearing a beautiful new dress that evening. Without bags, they could not put their number anywhere. They didn’t like it in their bra and they had to wear the backpack all the time. So they wondered which bag they could use best at a salsa party.

This could be better!

At that moment I walked over to them to give advice. I said: we sell hip hip bags from Striktly. It is a salsa hip bag with a strap that you can attach around your waist.

Very handy for storing your valuables. Also, the items are always close to you and you can watch for yourself. The most important thing is that you can dance with free hands. They come in different colors and sizes, so a match for every outfit! Some we make ourselves, others we buy. The most important thing is that it fits nicely, dances and finishes your outfit.

There is more!

Are you curious about the hip bag after reading my blog or do you want to know what other products we have to offer? Click here to view it.

Hopefully I have sufficiently inspired you with this!

By: Christine Hoogenboom, Marketing and Communication intern



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