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Read frequently asked questions about the event on the upcoming Friday the 29th of September.

When does the pre-sale close?

The online ticketsale will close at 20:00 hours on the day of the event.

Where can I put my bike/bicycle?

At the top end of the building, next to the side of the metrostation.

Where is the entrance?

On the long side, at the glass doors next to door 7.

Where can I park my car?

See the extended answer on this question below.

Do I need to print my ticket?

No, it can be scanned via your mobile phone. Just set your brightness on the maximum.

Can I withdraw cash from a cashpoint?

Yes, at the door, the lockers and the coins distributor. Everywhere you can use your pincard, expect at catering, so take some cash with you if you want to enjoy the saoto soup from Mini!

What do the levels mean at the workshops? What means open level?

  • Intermediate: you’re experienced in this dancing style, you know the basics and are able to practice/apply these on the dance floor. The workshop will not be adjusted to beginners.
  • Open level: you have some experience or no experience but have a sense of dance. The workshop will be adjusted to the level of the group.
  • Beginners: you haven’t had any dancing lessons or you want to improve your basics. The workshop will not be adjusted to advanced users.

At what time do the workshops start?

Check out the time-table:

Time-table workshops Striktly

What about the airconditioning?

There will be an air cleaner/refresher that is stronger than required in catering sector. The location usually deal with big groups of people and is adjusted to that. Of course, you will get warm/hot due to dancing, even with 15 degrees (Celsius) outside. It isn’t going to be a sauna, but don’t expect it to be 15 degrees either.

Is there a dresscode?

Yes! Classy, dress up as if you’re going on a night out and bows will be appreciated!

Strikkie editie Striktly

Could I wear my dancing shoes on the concrete floor?

Yes, it is a flat and slick floor and partially installed as a professional dancing floor by DANSVLOER.

Will there be a smokers area?

Yes, inside so you’ll stay dry. Including a cigarette vending machine. Check the map of the event for the exact location.

Will there be Tequila, Desperados, Corona and Ice Tea Green?

Yes, everything except the Corona. Due to this question it is still being in progress to see if we can take care of it. Next to this, we have more delicious drinks!

When and where will the photos be uploaded?

On the Facebook page of Striktly. A great video of the vibe will be uploaded the next day and the photos after the weekend. So like our Facebook page to stay updated!

What if I have some coins left after the event?

You can use them at each event at Maassilo. There probably will be a second edition at Maassilo…

Where can I park my car for free?

See the image below for the parking area. The surrounding area is free. Katendrecht is free after 23:00 hours. Depending on the time of arrival you can search for a parking spot in the streets below: between 22:00 and 23:00 hours is it possible to park close to the event location. After 23:00 hours we suggest to park a little further away, so you won’t lose any time on searching for a parking spot.


  • Maashaven Zuidzijde (voor de deur)
  • Maashaven Ooszijde
  • Putselaan
  • Paul Krugerstraat
  • Mijnsherenlaan



  • Brielselaan
  • Maashaven Noordzijde

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Is your question still unanswered? Read the info of the event or check if your question is answered in here.


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