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We are looking for dancing models who would like to enter our runway in front of hundreds of people and a jury, on Saturday, November 24 at latin weekender!

Do you want to shine on the runway at latin weekender, while possibly wearing the winning outfit?

They will decide who made the most beautiful outfit with the most freedom of movement. The designer of this outfit will go home with the title, publicity, their design in production and 1,000 euros in cash! If you are wearing the winning outfit, you will get to keep it!

Besides the excitement of a brand-new project with possibly the most beautiful and comfortable outfit in your possession, you will receive a special dance-walk training by

Laili Reinders.

Laili is a professional, experienced and very much appreciated teacher who will help you to bring out the best in you on the runway.

Together with Laili Di Marc’o  Keanz will set up the complete on-stage production. He will be your motivator and source of energy. With his experience on stage and as a dancer he will make sure you will enter the runway with full confidence. Together you will make this runway a unique experience for everyone.

So you want to enter the runway as a dancing model?

Sign up now for the auditions on Monday, October 29 in Rotterdam.

Read here all the details for the designers
Sign-up here until October 31 if you are a fashion designer
Click here to check out the latest news!


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