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7 reasons

why Striktly at Maassilo is unique/special

Why is this event unique/special? Why would you travel if you have to or convince your friends to come with you? What could you expect?

Striktly, known by some as the cozy social on Tuesday, while others see it as the lovely outside events. What means Striktly to you? Wherever you are, inside, outside or at another location, the essence of Striktly is always: strictly for dancers with a 50/50 ratio of Salsa & Bachata. Because we’re celebrating our birthday, we will add something. We want to organise an event that represents the perfect night out for us. So what will it be? Here are 7 reasons and a bonus, in random order:

#1 Non-stop dancing

Decide when you want to rest or keep dancing, because you can. There won’t be any interruptions during the event, so no broadcasting and no pauses for shows. Just non-stop dancing.

#2 Shows will be visible for everybody

Shows? But you guys just said that there won’t be any interruptions for shows! That’s right, the variety of acts will go on smoothly during the night. Afraid to miss something? The spotlight will pull your attention to the stage. The beautiful shows are avaible to watch for everybody. You don’t have to sit on the ground or stand on your toes, because everything that happens on the stage will be visible for everybody, guaranteed! Both live and by a great screen, the same way as a concert.

#3 Workshops all night long

Alright, we already told you it will be non-stop. But where will the workshops be? There will be an extra workshop area, with a workshop going on each hour for 30 minutes. How passionate are you? Will you complete all 6 workshops? Or will you brush up your moves to head back on to the dance floor?

#4 Striktly Summer vibes

During the summer events, everybody is dancing on the big square/plaza with terraces full of people who enjoy the events. Can you imagine? Great, because that’s what we want for this event as well, but inside this time! There will be a terrace with a view on the dance floor and enough dance space, just like at the Stadhuisplein.

#5 Between 1.000 to 1.500 dancers in one area

Wow, that’s a lot! Why don’t you guys spread this over multiple rooms/areas? Because we believe that the vibe will be better with everybody in one area, so you can meet new dancers and it’s easier to find your friends. Also important is that the location will allow up to 2.000 people due to safety reasons. Enough is enough.

#6 Back to Back

This one is exciting… This hasn’t been tried before in the Salsa scene. What does it actually mean? 4 deejays will perform directly one after another. So they won’t do their own set but will perform as a team, with each their own strength/power. Of course, in Striktly rythm: 3 salsa and 3 bachata.

For example, DJ Latin Master will perform 3 salsa songs and directly after that, DJ Latin Mania takes over and perform 3 bachata songs. After that, there will be 3 salsa songs by DJ Lalo, and directly after that there will be 3 bachata songs performed by DJ Arvan Sens. Do you get it? No? Don’t worry, just enjoy/experience/pass through it and let us know what you think of it! We’re going to experience/pass through it as well and we are extremely proud to have this 4 professional deejays taking on a new adventure/challenge!

#7 Schedule/Program like a festival

Actually, it is going to be a mini festival. We don’t call it a mini festival, but with the size and line up for this event are on that scale. The program will start at 22:00 hours. While the deejays will warm theirselves up, the workshops will start immediately and the first act will start at 22:30 hours with the singer J Sugar. This act and all the others will go on all night long, till 04:00 hours. It is more than just dancing, because the program offers something to everybody so you are able to choose where you want to be!


Okay, 1 extra reason… Last but not least:

#8 For experienced dancers and beginners, even family and friends

Dancers will dance. Beginners don’t feel at (their) ease at a big event. People who enjoy the vibe often don’t have a spot to enjoy, except with their back against the sides/walls. It doesn’t matter on how experienced you are, because there will be something for everybody. This is because of the wide range, from a partially professional dance floor for a triple spin on the stages to a terrace for people who enjoy the vibe. We’ve already told you about the workshops, singers, saxophonist and dance shows, right?

Zie hier alle informatie, zoals de line-up, time table voor de workshops, faciliteiten etc. En koop hier je ticket voordeliger in de voorverkoop.
Check out all the information here, like the line up, time table for workshops, facilities etcetera. Buy your tickets here with a discount in the pre-sale.
See you Friday the 29th of September!


Win dancing shoes

worth €139!

Win dancing shoes worth €139!

Win professional dancing shoes from Latinflair! You get a chance of winning bybuyingyour ticket in the pre-sale for Striktly Salsa & Bachata, 2nd Anniversary on Friday the 29th of September at Maassilo!

One male and one female will be picked out of all pre-sale tickets. The pre-sale will end on Friday the 29th of September at 20:00 hours. The draw will be shown live out of Maassilo at 21:00 hours on this Facebook page. At 00:00 hours midnight, the cheques/checks will be handed over to the fortunate winners!

Terms and conditions:

  • Make sure that you’ll be reachable at 21:00 hours. The winner will be called during the live draw. With no response, there will be picked a new winner.
  • Winners need to be present at 23:30 hours at Maassilo to receive the price on stage.
  • Dancing shoes could be picked to your own choice at Latinflair, at Oude Binnenweg, up to an amount of €139,-.
  • Only wear the shoes with flair!

Press release

Striktly celebrates 2 year anniversary!

Striktly celebrates 2 year anniversary at Maassilo

Strikly Salsa & Bachata exists for 2 years on the 29th of September. Striktly will take this opportunity to organise an innovative party by using all the gathered information and experience from the past years.

Accessible to 1.000-1.500 Salsa and Bachata dancers and people who enjoy this vibe.

This event is distinguished by 50% Salsa and 50% Bachata in one great hall. This ratio/proportion has proven to be successful. This will be (further) developed on the 29th of September by 4 well-known deejays, who each will perform in their own style and energy in a continuous variety of shifts.

In the meantime there will be a variation of entertainment on a high podium. Not the usual way, with an act at midnight, but a continuous act without (the dancers) being interrupted. The spotlights will indicate when there is something special happening and this will also be shown on a big screen. This way everybody has a great view on the different acts and you can dance or watch everything that’s going on.

But there’s more…

Multiple workshops will take place during the event. Mostly focused on beginners who want to try to dance, want to warm up and/or want to improve their skills.

The location is an old grain silo, which is converted to an event location. This combincation creates a unique vibe, which is enhanced by special lightings and arranged historical machines in the basement. The even concrete floor is tested in advance by dancers. They’ve approved the floor, which is great for spinning and smooth moves. Several stages ensure a dynamic and sufficient dance space. The professional sound and lighting technology will complete it all.

It’s possible to rest or enjoy the vibe with a drink on altitude/elevation with a great view at the dance floor.

Visit the Facebook page for the latest news or buy your tickets here!

Striktly 29 september 2 jaar

Solo debut

DJ Arvan Sens

DJ Arvan Sens is the stage name of Arjan Jansen. Although Arjan has years of experience with audio/music and a passion for Latin, he recently started mixing soundtracks. Do you want to know why Arjan started mixing?

On the 26th of April, 2016, he made his solo debut as a Salsa and Bachata deejay for Striktly, during Kingsnight in Rotterdam at Striktly Evolution Kingsnight.

Why does Striktly choose for a complete new and unknown deejay? Colleagues made fun out of it, because it is a risk. A risk that is worth it because we both believe in the same thing. That is something with more value than experience or supporters/entourage.

New style

So what is/about it? Striktly is a young party with an existence from September, 2015, and only plays the newest music: Bachata sensual. This went almost completely unconscious and now it is done by conscious. The needs from the dancers to his new Bachata-style increase and that’s where both Striktly and DJ Arvan Sens meet/come together.

why started DJing

DJ Arvan Sens made the choice to start mixing when he noticed that the Bachata sensual music were missing on the dance floor of multiple parties. He is a passionate dancer and fell in love with this style. Despite this style is new to some people, the popularity is increasing. DJ Arvan Sens has the passion, the drive, understanding and the right resources to convey/publicize this style by bringing it to the dance floor.

As an audio and video technician, Arvan Sens gets energised by creative projects which have to do with both visual and sound aspects. That’s why he doesn’t exclude a future as a producer.

His passion for Salsa contributes to his mixing skills, though there are many great Salsa deejays in the scene. If it wasn’t for his passion, he wouldn’t have started mixing. His passion for Bachata sensual and having fun with Salsa is what makes the difference for him.


Perhaps DJ Arvan Sens will leave the deejay booth and go for a dance by himself!


— update September, 2017 —

DJ Arvan Sens is now the regular deejay at Striktly Summer en he’s being booked for other parties! He also has released his own soundtrack with music video, you can watch below!