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Rueda de Casino

What does it mean?

Have you ever seen something like that?

The sudden gathering of a group of people in a circle on the dance floor, which occur like some sort of flash mob. Everybody in the circle dances the same on the salsa song and people change partners after someone calls it.

This must have been the Cuban Rueda de Casino.

Rueda de Casino is a dance form, originally allocated from Cuba. Rueda is performed in a group and the leader of the group defines the dance for the rest of the group.

Rueda in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, this dance style is used by different groups with all the same purpose: sharing and spreading the passion for this dance. Some of the members of the ‘Big Rueda’, previously known as ‘Biggest Rueda of the Nederlands’, were present on some of the tuesdays of Striktly Summer to spread the word about this dance style. They pursue the dream of Jacco van Rossem, who was the driving force behind this group.

The workshops are a recommendation if you want to latch on to a Rueda. “It is always possible to join, as long as the circle is able to move. This means that the moves stick to the basics and you are able to switch partners. Even when you don’t know the calls, you are always welcome to join!” is what Peter van der Ster has told.

If you can’t get enough from the workshop, there is good news for you! On the website of ‘De Rad-draaiers’ you can get used to a good 770 moves! Not bad if you don’t know all the moves yet…