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Striktly is partner of Movely

Movely brings dancers from all of the Netherlands together in one community, with one platform. Striktly fully supports this initiative.

About Movely

Movely is a community that is there for the dancers. It is founded with the idea to be able to share and spread the positive vibes that are being experienced in the salsa- & bachata scene. It is a community that wants to upgrade the community by bringing all elements together. Movely provides all that you need to get the best of your dance hobby, while doing everything they can to support the scene and strenghten the community

Become a member

Do you want to become a member of this amazing community? You can! Download the free Movely app and become a free fan-member automatically.

Do you want to add more? Upgrade your membership and become a Community+ member by signing up for the Supporter or Booster membership.

You can be a Community+ member from €3,50 per month!
Go to the Movely website for more info

Why you too want to become a Community+ member as a Striktly visitor

Do you enjoy the vibes at Striktly? By becoming a member at Movely you will be able enjoy this even more and even profit from it!
As a Movely Community+ member you get these amazing deals:

  • Free entrance to Striktly Social on Tuesdays (worth €5,-)
  • Free entrance to Striktly Sunday (worth €5,-)
  • Hang up your coat for free at Striktly Sunday 
  • Discounts in the Striktly Shop

This means: even more than you’re used from us!

Join the movement via Movely

Why is Striktly a partner of Movely?

At Striktly we love the salsa scene. We would love if the salsa/bachata scene would:

  1. Grow to the next level
  2. Become even more accessible to new dancers
  3. Get acknowledged by authorities on a social and cultural level.

By becoming members of Movely we all contribute to these goals and we can show that we are supporting the salsa scene.

How to become a member?

Sign up via the website of Movely.
Go to
You could also already download the Movely app from the appstore. This allows you to come in contact with other members, share ideas, and stay updated on the insiders news of what’s going on in the salsa scene.