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Who will be the new deejay for Striktly Social on Tuesday at Coconuts?

There’s no accounting for taste… That’s why interested deejays are invited to perform one-time and qualify them as ‘Striktly Salsa & Bachata’ deejay!

The idea is just one week old and the response is great. A first selection has been made and you can experience the next deejays:

How do we measure the publics opinion?

All deejays get the same assignment; perform the Striktly Salsa & Bachata way: 3 salsa and 3 bachata songs. There is room for creativity within this assignment and that’s where the difference can or will be made. The difference is subjective but will be evaluate on:

  • Movement on the dance floor;
    • An empty dance floor, do the attendees dance already?
    • Do the dancers stay on the dance floor?
    • Do we see excited faces, are the people happy, are they enjoying it, are they singing along?
    • Do the dancers stay or will they leave (early)?
  • Verbal reactions;
    • What do the people say? To eachother, to us, to the deejay?
  • Response on social media:
    • Does the interaction occur more by one than another?
    • Do we receive personal messages with measurements?

Do you read this as a deejay and are you interested? Till Tuesday, the 17th of October, it is possible to sign up. Read the terms of condition here.

Do you want to see your favorite deejay more than once? Or are you surprised by a deejay in a positive way? Let everybody know by enjoying the night and feel free to share your opinion with us!



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