The Dancewear Adventure: Striktly danceable fashion Contest.

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In the sequel to blog: We want sexy and danceable clothing, I take you into the adventure of this search for real Dancewear. Clothing in which you stay sexy after hours of dancing.

After personally scouring boutiques for years and keeping my summer collection in the front in the winter, I always got pretty far. And honestly, it’s not annoying to shop. But the moment you need something … you know it.

And since our hobby is really a sport, I think it’s time for sportswear. But then in the looks of nightwear.

So I have gathered my network and resources together to do what we are particularly good at: Organizing. The result was a competition, hopefully the first of many, for fashion designers to showcase their ideas on this … (Read the old call for Fashion designers here)


Voorbereiding Striktly Danceable Fashion Contest 2018

Cammy and Keanz draw the catwalk – or the dancewalk – and train the choreography with the models. “Planning is everything”

Training Striktly's Dancewalk

On a real runway in TSH Den Haag we train the choreography.

Striktly dancewear - Bryan en Dewi

Models Bryan en Dewi.

Striktly Dancewear - Dancewalk practice

All female models in action! From left to right: Kim, Geraldine, Dewi, Yvonne, Djina en Sachi.

Dancer, choreographer and host Keanz Recab is critical during practice..

Striktly Dancewear - Dancewalk practice

Strike a pose – go girls!

Striktly Dancewear - Cammy

Videographer Shawn and Cammy in a good mood – This is going in the right direction..

You got this guys! Left from front to back: Ferdi and Ronald. Right from front to back: Bryan, Ramsley, Yoa Bernard. And Keanz as a substitute for Virgil ūüôā

And then it’s time for the real thing..

November 24, 2018. The technic is ready. The models are changed and the jury was ready. During Latin Weekender at Center Parcs Limburgse Peel, Keanz presents the very first: Striktly Danceable Fashion Contest! Which outfits have been designed?

Irving Koster en Keanz Recab Striktly Dancewalk

Keanz Recab announces the jury members. Including fashion designer Irving Vorster from IRVINX.

Models Yvonne and Ramsley present the design by Earta van Varsseveld.

Striktly DF Contest - designer Earta


Striktly DF Contest - outfit designer Charissa

Models Dewi and Bryan move smoothly on the Dancewalk in the outfit of designer Charissa Jokhoe.

Striktly DF Contest - outfit designer Mistery

Models Kim and Ronald take over the Dancewalk in the outfit of the mystery designer..

Striktly DF Contest - outfit designer Charissa

Models Djina and Ferdi on the Dancewalk in the outfit of Estefania leal Mejia.

Striktly DF Contest - designer Stephane

Models Geraldine and Yoa Bernard rock on the Dancewalk in the outfit of Stephane Biermann.

Striktly DF Contest - outfit designer Lida

Models Sachi and Virgil flow over the Dancewalk in the outfit of designer Lida Zantop.

Striktly DF Contest - outfit designer Lida

Time for the jury to choose the winner of Striktly’s Dancewalk..

In the jury: Glenn Donkers (dancer and dance school owner), Irving Vorster (fashion designer), Cammy Kempke (owner Striktly) and Annika Lau (dancer and dance school owner).

Striktly Dancewalk - Run 2

Striktly Dancewalk - Run 2 mannen

Striktly Dancewear - alle designers

All designers on the dance hall awaiting the results of the jury..

But before we continue .. Who is the mystery designer?

Of the six designers, one was a mystery.. We have never seen him / her and on stage he wears a mask.. the unveiling:

Striktly Mistery designer

Striktly Mistery Designer

The mystery designer is Striktly herself!

Because we have been looking for danceable fashion for some time, we were already proud to present a few pieces of clothing. Keanz Recab wears the men’s waistcoat and together with the mystery designer and model Ronald he wears a great, quick-drying blouse. This blouse made of fabric with sporting properties that makes it dry quickly, has an antibacterial finish and is sexy!

The waistcoat, blouse and the super handy hip bag from model Kim can be ordered here ūüôā

And now the winner

Who can call themselves the first-ever Striktly Danceable Fashion Designer and takes home the prize of no less than 1,000? The jury’s points are counted and the audience has the casting vote.

Striktly Danceable Fashion Contest - winner

Rani and Britt bring the results of the jury to Keanz ..

Striktly - Designer Estefania

Will it be designer Estefania?

Striktly - Designer Charissa

Or will it be designer Charissa?

What does the decibel meter say?

Drum roll…

Striktly - DFC uitslag

With which designer did the audience make the most noise? Cammy tells Keanz the result

De winner is: Designer Charissa!

Striktly dancewear - winner


Do you want to wear this exclusive outfit on the dance floor?

The public has chosen! The outfit designed by Charissa will therefore be available mid March 2019 in various sizes and colors at Striktly and of course the sexy bag around the leg. Do you want to stay informed? Enter your details below and do not miss the limited edition.

I want to stay informed

Striktly Dancewear - Dewi winnaar

This contest would not have been possible without a great team.

With special thanks to:

ūüí̬†Striktly team:
Keanz Erin Recab – Choreographer and presenter
Rani Piarelal and Britt van Niedek – Hardcore organization
Br√©nousky Breeveld – Striktly’s rock and Mystery figurant
Shawn Cruden – great videographer
Marco Krebbers – DJ and indispensable support
Stephen Tjon – Fixer and indispensable support
Laili Reinders – Support audition and models
Richard Van T Hof – Indispensable and amazing photography

Models team
Sachi, Virgil Zaalman, Djina Bhaggoe, Ferdi Houweling, Kim, Ronald Barten, Dewi van den Berg, Bryan Kersout, Yvonne Dil, Ramsley Alexander, Geraldine Vidal, Yao Bernard Halfman.

Jury members
Glenn Donkers, Annika Lau, Irving Vorster

Charissa Jokhoe, Lida Zantop, Estefania Leal Mejia, Earta Van Varsseveld, Stephane Biermann

✨ Latin Weekender ✨ Sound and Stage ✨ TSH Collab ✨ TSH Collab

organized door Cammy Kempke.


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